About us


It started already in the 1950s in Sweden. My father, Ingemar Hedin worked as a car salesman and pursued his career in the automotive industry. Therefore, for me, it was a natural step to begin my own career in the same industry. In the early 1980s, I started out as a car salesman. In 1985, me and my father got the opportunity to acquire Philipson’s Bil in Borås and this was the start of I.A. Hedin Bil’s exciting journey. From the beginning we sold the Mercedes-Benz and Nissan brands. During our first year in business, we had a turnover of 45 MSEK, sold about 800 vehicles and had 40 employees. Over the years, we have expanded, invested and been a reliable company on a volatile market.


Through further acquisitions, over the years, the Anders Hedin Invest Group was formed. It is 100% privately owned and the purpose of the business it to manage and develop subsidiaries, mainly in the automotive industry. At the time of writing, the company consists of I.A. Hedin Car (to 91%), Hedin Automotive Norge AS, Mabi Rent AB, Klintberg & Way AB and Car to Go Sweden AB. In addition to these, we have also invested in companies outside the car industry that we totally or partly own. Some examples are Tuve Bygg AB, Consensus Asset Management AB, Hedin IT and Ripam Invest AB.

I can only conclude that it is a great journey we have made and I believe that the future will be even more exciting.

Anders Hedin