GS Bildeler

CEO: Jonny Skrivarhaug |

In 1993 G.S. Bildeler was established. G.S. Bildeler is Norway’s largest independent supplier of spare parts for BMW. GS Bildeler has over 60 professionals and is located in six different locations with headquarters in Bud in Møre and Romsdal.

G.S. Bildeler works with more than 150 workshops throughout Norway. G.S. Bildeler provides technical support, fast deliveries and constant follow up to secure customer satisfaction. For 25 years GS Bildeler has built up a good relationship with BMW and this has led to increased sales of original spare parts, accessories and lifestyle products.

In Bud, G.S. Bildeler shows of its ultra-high tech robot warehouse that enables fast and effortless deliveries which has made G.S. Bildeler an attractive and skillful player in the spare parts industry. By being open to new ideas, constantly developing and having a close customer relationship, G.S. Bildeler has been successful and have created a foundation for a positive future.