MABI Mobility AB

CEO: André Schleémann  | |

Mabi is one of Sweden’s largest car rental companies. Since it was founded in Stockholm in 1989, the company has grown steadily. Today Mabi offers car rental-service at 167 stations located in workshops, city offices and airports. The goal is to always offer the latest rental cars at competitive prices.

Business concept
The company offers short-term rental through a complete range of passenger cars, vans, minibuses and a number of special vehicles for own branding purposes. In 2018, the offering was extended with a range of heavy trucks.

In addition, the Flexilease brand offers customer’s the possibility of renting a car up to one year. It is a demand-driven complement to a company car or a smart alternative to long leases.

Future development
Mabi has a market share of 9.8% in the rental car market (Sweden) in 2018, an increase of 1.8% compared with the previous year. The goal for the next few years is to increase this proportion further.

Environmental impact
Mabi is conscious of the environment and the environmental actions are focused to its product range. Consideration is given to providing vehicles with low exhaust emissions and alternative fuels. Thus, Mabi’s fleet fulfills the Swedish Road Safety Guidelines on environmental and safety requirements for car transports.