Ripam Invest AB

CEO: Anders Hedin

In 2014, Societetshuset was acquired by Anders Hedin Invest AB (50 %) and RIPAM Invest AB (50 %).

Societetshuset is situated on Marstrand, an island about 45 km north of Gothenburg. Built in 1866 and know for grandiose parties for royalties and socialites, it was not until 1979 that Societetshuset opened to the public. Today the main business is hosting events, such as weddings, social gatherings and corporate events.

Along with Societetshuset, RIPAM Invest also owns Marstrands Kurbadhus and Båtellet.

Båtellet was founded in 1958 as a center for recreation and hot baths. Today the building hosts a hostel which will through gentle construction be upgraded to a hotel with 45 double rooms. Kurbadhuset is a completely new establishment in Marstrand and the purpose of the business is to offer clinical treatments by physicians alongside recreational SPA-treatments.

Since 2014, extensive planning has been ongoing to develop the area of where these current and future buildings are situated even further. The goal is to recreate this part of Marstrand to once again be a place for healing in a tranquil environment surrounded by beautiful buildings and the sea. The wellness-SPA will be the center of attention, but the area will also be filled with many more accommodation opportunities and restaurants. The work has been divided into six projects and is planned to be finalized in 2022.