Tuve Bygg

CEO: Robert Bengtsson | https://tuvebygg.se

Since June 2017, Anders Hedin Invest AB holds 65% of the shares in Tuve Bygg AB.

Tuve Bygg has three business areas Construction, Carpentry and Building Services and Administration. Tuve Bygg consider itself as a complete construction company for both public and private clients. Since its founding in 1979, Tuve has been involved in various projects and has built everything from homes and offices to schools, hospitals and car parks. In order for the finished building to meet expectations, every part of the construction process must work – people, machinery and materials. Suppliers and partners are therefore chosen very carefully. With offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Uddevalla it makes it possible for Tuve to operate across a wide geographical area, focusing on the west part of Sweden and the Stockholm area.

Business concept
Tuve Bygg creates, through local anchoring, sustainable execution and in cooperation with its customers, value when building with the future in mind. Tuve build homes, schools, offices and other public buildings where people can live, meet and develop.

Tuve Bygg has seven overall main strategies. Tuve will pursue a profitable business on a shared value base. The business will be characterized by developing customer relationships and forms of cooperation. Tuve want to grow through organic growth, effective systems and continuous learning. Tuve Bygg is actively working to be an attractive company for its employees. Tuve Bygg considers itself as a value-creating company building for the builder. Tuve Bygg focus on sustainable construction and community engagement. It is essential that Tuve Bygg communicate correctly, both to customers and partners as well as to employees.

Core values:
Tuve Bygg build success on its core values, where the goal is to make employees feel safe, developing, value-creating and committed. The core values form together with over 230 employees the unique Tuve spirit.

By 2020, Tuve Bygg has a goal of reducing its construction waste to a maximum of 15%. Source sorting takes place in offices and establishments. Tuve Bygg will also reduce its energy use. The energy should come from renewable sources whenever possible. Tuve Bygg will reduce its CO2 emissions. Parts of the company’s total profit shall be assigned to CSR. Since 2012, Tuve Bygg holds certificates according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.