About us

Hedin Group is a family-owned company that owns and manages companies operating primarily in the automotive, mobility, construction and real estate industries. The Group has more than 7,500 employees in thirteen countries, with headquarters in Mölndal, Sweden. The company is wholly owned by CEO Anders Hedin.

The Group's automotive business dates back to 1985 when father and son Ingemar and Anders Hedin acquired a car dealership in Borås, Western Sweden and founded I.A. Hedin Bil. Almost 40 years later, that company, now called Hedin Mobility Group, has grown into a powerhouse in the European automotive market with significant import and distribution operations and leading dealer groups in a number of countries across Europe.

The Hedin Group also includes Tuve Bygg, which offers total solutions in construction, project development, property maintenance and interior carpentry. Tuve Bygg operates in Western Sweden and Stockholm and has more than 250 employees with headquarters in Gothenburg.

In addition, Hedin Group owns and manages real estate and securities and is also a shareholder in Consensus Asset Management and Ripam Invest.

Net Sales & Profit before tax 1985-2022 (kSEK)