The spare parts business
Klintberg & Way Parts AB, known as KW Parts, is an authorized spare parts distributor for General Motors North American Vehicles and MOPAR (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM), and Europe's largest spare parts wholesaler of American car parts with sales in 37 countries. The company is the parent company in the Klintberg & Way Parts Group with subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Norway. The business employs about 65 people and is conducted in Stockholm.

The tire and rim business

The group also includes KW Wheels, Dawa Tires, Pro-Imp, Inter Wheel and KW Tire Depot. These companies together employ about 75 people. KW Wheels, Dawa Däck and Pro-Imp offer their range via the e-commerce portal.

KW Wheels

Klintberg & Way Wheels, called KW Wheels, is a wholesale company for tires and rims, which assembles and sells complete wheels, loose tires, rims and tire pressure sensors on the Swedish market and has the agency for Alutec and Italmatic. The business is conducted in Gothenburg.

Dawa Däck

Dawa Däck is one of Sweden's largest wholesalers in the tire trade and importer of the tire brands Kumho (since 1989), LingLong and Roadstone. The company provides PV, SUV, C and LV tires. The company supplies tires to most of the large chains in the rubber trade, but also to independent dealers. The business is conducted in Gothenburg.


Since 1989, Pro-Imp has imported and distributed Cooper's tire programs in Sweden. Over the years, the range has grown and today represents eight brands, including Avon’s Racing, Avon MC, Mickey Thompson (who is a leader in drag, street and off-road racing tires), Kenda MC and veteran tires. The business is conducted in Göteborg.

Inter Wheel Sweden

On December 2, 2019, the company Inter Wheel Sweden AB was also acquired, which mainly conducts wheel assembly and sales of tires of the Pirelli brand. The customers today are over 500 car dealers in Sweden but also in Norway, Finland and Denmark. The business is conducted in Göteborg.

The DriveZone

The DriveZone is a brand within the Klintberg & Way Parts which, via warehouses in Stockholm, distributes parts throughout Europe and has over 40,000 items in stock for immediate delivery. Via the US supplier network, over two million orderable items can be offered. In addition, we have access to an extensive library of original catalogs, digital catalogs, explosion views and several technicians trained in the United States.


PickupXL is a Swedish e-commerce company that was started to challenge the traditional accessory market for pickups that are largely operated offline. The focus since the start has been to become the largest player in the market for parts and accessories for pickups, through strong customer centering with a focus on simplicity, affordability and fast deliveries.

KW Tire depot

At the end of 2019, Klintberg & Way Group AB started a new subsidiary, KW Däckdepå AB, which will store summer and winter tires depending on the season. Operations are conducted in Stockholm.


The tire ring is a concept where we offer an even larger range, and staff who's even better trained in everything tire related. We work with sales to both companies and the private market and offer a complete range of tires, rims and accessories. The members of Däckringen are all independent workshops.

Joint tire storage

In 2020, all tire warehouses were moved to the new, joint tire warehouse in Landvetter just outside Gothenburg. The operations from Dawa, Pro-Imp, KW Wheels and Interwheel have been brought together. All new systems were put into operation in mid-December when a new warehouse management system (WMS) was implemented after the autumn season, which was so critical for the business. Our two existing warehouses at Hisingen and Karlstad have been completely or partially moved.

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