Orio AB

In June 2022, Hedin Mobility Group AB acquired all shares in the state-owned company Orio AB. Orio is a logistics company with roots in the Swedish car industry and is the exclusive global supplier of Saab original parts through a global network in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

In 2021, Orio had sales of SEK 360 million and approximately 140 employees. The business is conducted in two business areas:

-Orio Parts, which sells and distributes spare parts to approximately 1,100 customers around the world. The product range includes approximately 18,000 unique items.

-Orio Logistics which provides logistics services to Orio Parts and external customers.

Orio has its own sales offices via wholly owned subsidiaries in Sweden, the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. The head office and logistics and distribution center, including a central warehouse of 57,000 sq.m. with a high degree of automation tailored to spare parts operations, are strategically located in Nyköping between Stockholm and Norrköping.