Consensus Asset Management AB (Consensus) is a securities company approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority that is undergoing strong growth and expansion. The company is active in Sweden and is headquartered in Mölndal with branches in Stockholm and Malmö and Meeting Points in Värnamo, Borås and Jönköping. The company is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market.

Consensus also manages four own funds with a different focus on the stock markets in Sweden, the Nordic countries and the rest of the world. In 2020, the company had exceptional management successes in very fierce competition:

- Best Nordic Fund - Consensus Small Companies + 94%

- Best Sweden Fund - Consensus Sweden Select + 51%

Assets under management have increased by more than SEK 2 billion to just over SEK 9 billion, and in 2020 the company delivered a sales increase of approximately 338% to SEK 220 million (SEK 65 million). The result breaks all-time records and multiplies to SEK 110 million (SEK 11 million).