Societetshuset is located on the island of Marstrand, about 45 km north of Gothenburg. The society house was built in 1866 and quickly became a well-known location for the royals and celebrities of the time. It was not until 1979 that the venue was opened to the public. Today, Societetshuset houses, for example, weddings, events and events. In addition to Societetshuset, Ripam Invest AB also owns Marstrands Kurbadhus and Marstrands Kurhotell (former Båtellet).

Marstrands Kurhotell (former Båtellet)
Båtellet was built as a hot bath house in 1958 on the island of Marstrand. Today, it houses a high-class hotel that has been upgraded to a hotel with 40 double rooms through a careful renovation. Marstrands Kurhotell was opened in June 2020.

At the end of 2020, the remaining share in Marstrands Kulturfastighet AB was acquired from Kungälv Municipality and the holding amounts to 100%.

The spa building is in itself a completely new business for Marstrand and the intention is that the facility will offer clinical treatments as well as healing and beneficial SPA treatments. Since 2014, both companies have been part of a project to develop the part of Marstrand where the buildings are located. The goal is for Marstrand to once again be a place for healing treatments in an environment characterized by beautiful buildings and the sea. In will be centered around the medical SPA facility, but the area will also be filled with hotel operations, hostels and restaurants. The work is divided into six subprojects and is planned to be completed in 2022.