I.A. Hedin Bil was founded in 1985 when father and son, Ingemar and Anders Hedin acquired Philipson’s Bil in Borås. At the start, the car brands Mercedes-Benz and Nissan were sold. During the first year, the business had sales of SEK 45 million, sold approximately 800 vehicles and had 40 employees. In 2020, the Hedin Bil Group had sales of SEK 2.8 billion through 30 car brands and had an average of 2,821 employees.

The group contains 10 subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and Belgium and are represented in over 100 locations. We offer new and used passenger cars, commercial vehicle and trucks. Our ambition is to be a full-service company with a comprehensive offer for both private and corporate customers where we offer e.g., financing, service agreements and insurances.

The company has expanded strongly since the start and through acquisitions and new constructions, Hedin Bil has become one of the Nordic region's largest car dealers. In recent years, additional brands have been added to complement our range. Amongst others, we represent Porsche in Sweden and Norway, we have also entered the Belgian market under the name Hedin Automotive and the Bavaria Group is also part of our group.

The brand Hedin Bil is operational through the subsidiaries Hedin Göteborg Bil AB, Hedin Helsingborg Bil AB, Hedin Stockholm Bil AB, Hedin Mölndal Bil AB, Hedin Örebro Bil AB and KC Motors AB with dealerships in Sweden and are retailers of e.g., Mercedes-Benz, Kia, Nissan, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, Dodge and RAM.

The brand Bavaria is operational through eight subsidiaries, one in Sweden and seven in Norway. Bavaria is retailer of BMW and MINI.

The brand Hedin Performance Cars represents Porsche Centers in Sweden and Norway and is retailer of Porsche. In Sweden the brand is operational through the subsidiary Hedin Performance Cars AB and in Norway the brand is operational through the subsidiaries Porsche Center Stavanger AS and Porsche Center Son AS.

The brand Hedin Automotive is operational through the subsidiary Hedin Automotive Belgium AB with dealerships in Belgium and is retailer of Mercedes-Benz and smart. The Mabi brand is also operational in Belgium.

The brand Car Store is operational through the subsidiary Car Store Sweden AB and is a used cars concept within the group.