1985. When it all started.


• On January 13, the FordStore in Västerås is re-opened after being renovated.

• On January 16, the Hedin group expands to Switzerland by entering an agreement to acquire SeeAll Group (Zürich). SeeAll Groups two car facilities, Allmend Garage and Seeblick Garage, becomes the first two Hedin operations in Switzerland. SeeAll is a part of the fully owned, newly established subsidiary to Anders Hedin Invest AB, Hedin Automotive AB and is operated through the Norwegian unit Hedin Automotive. The acquisition is finalized on May 20.

• On January 20, Hedin Bil opens a new Kia-dealership in Trollhättan through the subsidiary Hedin Göteborg Bil AB and is a so-called Red Cube-site. 

• On January 29, the plans of Hedin Performance Cars AB to build a Porsche Center in Linköping is announced. The grand opening is scheduled to 2022. 

• On January 30 it was made public that Anders Hedin Invest AB and the Stern Groep N.V., a listed automotive retailer active in the Netherlands, are holding exclusive negotiations regarding the merger of the two companies’ automotive operations, including I.A. Hedin Bil AB. Negotiations are put on hold due to Covid-19.

• On March 2 it was made public that the Chinese electric car manufacturer BYTON will be choosing Hedin Automotive as a strategic sale- and service partner in Sweden and Norway. BYTON M-Byte will be launched in Europe during the latter half of 2021. Negotiations are put on hold due to Covid-19.

• On March 5, Anders Hedin Invest AB signed a contract through the subsidiary Hedin Automotive AB to become the importer of Ford for the Swedish market. In addition to this the two parties have signed an MoU considering the planned takeover of Fords national import company in Sweden. The planned date for this takeover is August 1, 2020, after an approval of the Swedish Competition Authorities.

• On April 1, our new concept ”Car Store” was launched. Car Store is a used car sales concept within the Hedin Group. 

• During Easter, GS Bildeler moved their and parts of Bavarias warehouse to a joint storage warehouse in Oslo.

• On May 8, Hedin Automotive AS acquired the remaining minority in Conlogo AS, and now owns 100 percent. 

• On May 20, Hedin Automotive AB completes the acquisition of SeeAll Group in Zürich, Switzerland and its two dealerships Allmend Garage and Seeblick Garage. 

• On June 26, Hedin Group AB expanded its amount of shares in Lasingoo Sverige AB from 16.6 percent to 24.48 percent.

• On September 1, a new dealership for BMW including customer VR experience was opened in Solna United. 

• On September 3, Anders Hedin Invest AB changed name to Hedin Group AB. 

• On September 9, an agreement was signed with BMW Group Switzerland to purchase BMW Niederlassung Zürich-Dielsdorf, retailer of BMW, MINI and BMW Motorcycles. The acquisition was completed in October 30, and the dealerships’ name was changed to Hedin Automotive Dielsdorf. 

• During September and October Hedin Group AB increased the ownership in Tuve Holding AB to 75 percent. 

• On September 23, Bavaria inaugurated a new BMW and MINI dealership at Breivollveien in Oslo.

• On September 25, Hedin Mölndal Fastighet AB was sold. 

• On October 8, a new dealership for Nissan and Kia was opened in Alingsås. In the present facility, the sales of Mercedes-Benz will continue as a single brand. 

• On October 15, Bavaria Sverige inaugurated a new dealership for BMW in Kista. 

• In October, Hedin Performance Cars participated for the first time in Great Place to Work and became certified. 

• In October, the project of building Hedin Group's new head office in Eklanda, Mölndal, is started and the move is planned to take place in late autumn 2022. The premises cover approximately 15,000 m2 and offer 500 office spaces.

• On November 13, 60 percent of Koed A/S was acquired. The company is a danish wholesaler of BMW spare parts. 

• On December 1, an agreement was signed to take over Callisma's premises in Danderyd. After renovation, the reopening will take place with Ford on the premises, which will be operated by Hedin Mölndal Bil AB.

• On December 17, all remaining shares in Marstrands Kulturfastighet AB was acquired from the municipality of Kungälv.

• On January 4, Ford Motor Company was acquired, and Hedin Group took over the wholesaler of Ford in Sweden. The company is re-named to Hedin HMC Motor Company AB.

• On February 5, Hedin Mölndal Bil AB took over Modins Bil i Uppsala AB and became the tenth Ford facility to market Ford within Hedin Bil.

• On February 19, Klintberg & Way Group AB acquired PickupXL AB, an online site for spare parts for American pickups.

• On February 26, Hedin Group AB acquired more shares in Tuve Holding A, and the total amount of shares is now 97,03%.

• On March 17, MG Europe announces that Hedin Group will be the distributor of MG in Sweden with sales start April 24. MG offers electric cars and plug-in hybrids. 

• Hedin Stockholm Bil AB acquired a business in Segeltorp, Stockholm with sales of Subaru at May 3. The premises at Smista Allé will be changed to a MG store.

• On May 18, Hedin Automotive Switzerland AB acquires the paint- and bodyshop CaroLack Galliker in Dielsdorf, Switzerland. Access is August 1.

• On May 20, I.A. Hedin Bil AB acquires BilMånsson's operations in Halmstad (Ford) and Värnamo (Ford) and Halmstad (Jaguar / Land Rover). Access takes place on 1 July and is conditional on the Swedish Competition Authority (Konkurrensverket).

• On June 9, Hedin Performance Cars AB acquires additional shares in Porsche Center Son in Norway. The shares went from 51 to 91%, Espen Olsen and Werner Isaksen will after the acquisition hold the remaining 9% through their company 911 Holding AS.

• On July 1, Hedin Mölndal Bil AB acquires the company BilGruppen in Enköping AB, whose operations will be integrated into Hedin Bil's existing Ford operations. The facility covers 2,000 m2 and will be the fourteenth Ford dealership within the Group


• Scanauto i Göteborg AB and Andersson Auto i Varberg AB are acquired.

• The dealership and workshop of Bra Bil AB for Renault is acquired in Göteborg.

• Mercedes-Benz heavy truck operations in Hisings Kärra is acquired.

• Investments in the company Car to Go Sweden AB is made. Anders Hedin Invest now holds a 29 percent share.

• Re-opening of the renovated facilities in Tagene, Vara, Anderstorp and Ljungby.

• Grand opening of the new dealerships in Borås, Kungsbacka and Varberg.

• Grand opening of the new dealership in Kungsbacka. 


• Grand opening of Hedin Bil’s new dealership in Uppsala.

• On October 25, our new head quarter on Mölndalsvägen, Mölndal is inaugurated.

• On November 23, the grand opening of AMG Performance Center and Mercedes-Benz Business Center in Sisjön, Göteborg takes place.


• Abarth is introduced as a new car brand within Hedin Bil.

• The retail contract with Suzuki is terminated due to too low volumes.

• Mercedes-Benz dealership in Hisings Kärra is remodeled to a dealership for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and trucks.

• Svenska Bil AB’s operations in Stockholm is acquired. This means that another four new sites are added to the Group as well as the creation of a new subsidiary company: Hedin Stockholm Bil AB.

• The Opel dealerships in Malmö are acquired along with their bankruptcy estate.

• I.A Hedin Fastighet AB acquires three new real estates that houses external tenants.

• Opel Black Box is opened, and Opel is welcomed as a new brand.

• The listed rental company Mabi Rent AB is acquired. The company is operational in Sweden and Germany.

• Four of Bil Partners facilities in Malmö Jägersro, Malmö Burlöv, Lund and Trelleborg are acquired. We welcome Subaru as a new brand.

• The Citroën dealership Citroën Center in Spånga is acquired.

• Completion of two new sites in Helsingborg and Ängelholm.

• Hedin Bil’s dealership in Värnamo is re-modelled and expands to 800 m2.

• The Hedin Bil facility in Akalla, Stockholm, is expanded by roughly 15,000 m2. The site in Segeltorp is re-fitted and expanded.

• Klintberg and Way Group AB is acquired.

• Klintberg and Way Group AB acquires General Motors North American Vehicles and MOPARs (Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge) authorized spare part distribution operation – The number one whole-sales agent of spare parts for American car parts in Europe. As of 2014, the company is represented in 37 countries with head quarters in Sweden.

• The subsidiary KW Wheels AB is founded. The company is a wholesaler of tires and rims with office and storage unit in Tuve, Göteborg.

• Anders Hedin Invest AB acquires the remaining 71 percent of the shares of Car to Go Sweden AB.

• Consensus Asset Management AB (Consensus) and Thenberg is merged with Kinde Fondkommission AB.

• Anders Hedin Invest AB expands its share in Lasingoo Sverige AB and now holds a 16.6 percent share.

• Grand opening of a new Hedin Bil dealership in Ängelholm.

• The construction of a new Hedin full-service dealership in Jönköping is started.

• Acquires the company Rörelsefastigheten Kista and starts a commercial vehicle center.

• A new Hedin Bil-dealership in Värnamo is opened.

• DS store, a new concept store for the premium brand DS is opened in Akalla, Stockholm.

• Hedin Bil becomes reseller for Renault and Dacia in Halmstad.

• The subsidiary Klintberg and Way Group AB acquires 70 percent of Techno Tire AB.

• The subsidiary KW Cars is founded.

• The wholesale company DAWA Däck AB, that is to be operated as an affiliate to KW Wheels AB, is acquired through Klintberg and Way Group AB.

• KW Cars AB opens an authorized car retail dealership in Göteborg.

• Klasén Bil i Halmstad is acquired. The acquisition includes the company’s building and an adjacent facility.

• The BIVA AB car operations in Karlskoga, Örebro, Linköping, Norrköping and Uppsala are acquired. The buildings in Örebro, Karlskoga, Linköping and Kristianstad are included in the acquisition. In addition, Bilcity in Kristianstad is also acquired.

• The Ford operations of Bilia AB in Göteborg, Stockholm, Nacka and Kungsbacka are acquired. With this acquisition, we welcome Ford as a new brand in the Hedin Group.

• The car dealership Lars Pettersson Bil AB, a Ford retailer in Södertälje, is acquired.

• The Ford operations of CMS Group AB in the north of Göteborg is acquired.

• Hedin Göteborg Bil AB signs a contract for the construction of a new dealership for Jaguar and Land Rover in Sisjön that is to be opened in 2017.

• Hedin Mölndal Bil AB signs a contract that grants the construction of a new Ford Store in Segeltorp, Stockholm.

• Hedin Mölndal Bil AB signs a contract granting the construction of a new dealership for Ford in Kungsbacka that is to be opened in 2017.

• The subsidiary company Klintberg and Way Group AB acquires the tire wholesaler PRO-imp AB and Wheelspot AB. 

• The largest business deal yet is signed, as Fastighet AB Balder purchases I.A. Hedin Fastighet AB. The property portfolio is valued at 4,208 million SEK.

• By the end of the year, Wijks Villa in Göteborg is acquired, owned by the subsidiary I.A. Hedin Fastighet AB.
• The business transfer of Bilias Ford operation in Stockholm is carried out.

• The dealerships owned by ANA Motorcentrum in Trollhättan and Lysekil is acquired.

• PCB Västsverige AB, retailer of Porsche in Borås, Göteborg and Linköping is acquired. We welcome Porsche as a new brand into the Group.

• Miklagruppen, with the subsidiaries Bavaria Norge AS, Bavaria Bil AB, KC Motors AB and GS Bildeler AS, is acquired. Miklagruppen is the distributor of BMW, Mini and Porsche, with facilities in Sweden and Norway.

• The BMW dealership owned by Burlingruppens in Skellefteå is acquired.

• Eriksson Bilteam AB in Gävle, consisting of the resale, service and spare parts for BMW and Opel, is acquired.

• On June 26, 51 percent of Tuve Bygg Holding AB is acquired.

• On December 9, the new Porsche Center in Gothenburg is inaugurated. 
• On February 28, two facilities in Gävle is sold by I.A. Hedin Fastighet AB.

• On April 1, Hedin Belgien Bil AB acquired three companies in Belgium, including seven dealerships in and around Ghent. The dealerships are located in Aalst, Ninove, Zottegem, Sint-Martens-Latem, Eeklo and two dealerships in Ghent. The companies provide sales and aftermarket service of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and Smart.

• On April 17, Motorcentralen in Eskilstuna is acquired by Hedin Mölndal Bil AB, through I.A. Hedin Bil AB. The acquisition includes the Ford operations for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

• April 19 marks the grand opening of Ford Store, Hedin Bil in Segeltorp, Stockholm.

• On April 23, Bavaria Sverige Bil AB acquires Englunds Bil in Luleå.

• On May 1, Dodge & RAM Flagship Store Stockholm in Kungens Kurva is opened.

• On June 7, the grand openings of KC Motors Danderyd takes place.

• One June 8, the grand openings of KC Motors Norrtälje takes place.

• On June 21, the minority share in Gule og Skrivarhaug Bildeler AS is acquired by Hedin Automotive AS, now owning 100 percent of the company.

• As of July, 13 Bavaria Sverige AB enters an agreement to acquire Ivars Bil AB in Östersund, a dealer of BMW and Nissan. The acquisition was closed on August 31.

• On August 22, Hedin Belgien Bil AB acquired four companies including five dealerships in Brasschaat, Kapellen, Lier, Berlaar och Kontich. The companies are dealers of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. The acquisition was closed on September 1.

• Ford Transit Center, a Ford transport retailer, is opened on September 1 in Eklanda, Göteborg.

• Hedin Bil’s passenger car dealership in Helsingborg, an authorized dealer of Mercedes-Benz, Kia and Nissan is re-opened on September 20 after being renovated.

• Hedin Göteborg Bil AB gains access to Skadecenter i Borås AB on September 28, expanding both the service workshop and body workshop in Borås.

• 67 percent of the shares of Norwegian importer and wholesale company ConLogo is acquired.

• With the aim to take a leading role on the market for used cars, Hedin Certified is launched on November 1.

• The company KW Cars in Grimbodalen is transferred to I.A. Hedin Bil AB as of November 1, and the name is changed to Hedin Bil i Grimbodalen.

• On November 1, Hedin Ford in Nacka is opened. The site offers the full range of Ford models and also includes Hedin Certified.

• On December 18, a land plot in Mölndal is acquired by I.A. Hedin Fastighet AB from the municipality of Mölndal, upon which a business complex is planned to be built.

• On December 21, another 14.5 percent of the construction firm Tuve Holding AB is acquired by Anders Hedin Invest AB, who now owns a total of 65percent of the company.

• Anders Hedin Invest AB acquires shares in the British car retailer Pendragon Plc during the fourth quarter. The share amounts to4 percent of the company by the end of the year. During the first quarter of 2019 additional shares have been acquired, and the total holdings now amounts to 11.61 percent, including privately owned shares.
• On January 1 the Leasing contract IFRS16 comes into effect. To facilitate the comparison with earlier periods, some posts have been accounted for with the exclusion of IFRS16.

• On January 17, Hedin Örebro Bil AB opens a dealership for Jaguar and Land Rover in Örebro.

• On February 12, Bavaria Haugesund AS acquires 51percent of the shares in MPS Micropaint Haugesund AS. The company’s operation consists of the maintenance and reparations of vehicles. 

• On February 18, Hedin Belgien Bil AB acquires a body- and paint shop in connection to the current facility in Lier, Belgium.

• On February 26, Gule og Skrivarhaug Bildeler AS acquires 91 percent of the shares in EBC Brakes Norge AS. EBC Brakes is a wholesale agent for brakes and detailing supplies for cars and motorcycles.

• As of March 22, Hedin Stockholm Bil AB announces that DS Automobiles are expanded to include Malmö Jägersro, in addition to Akalla.

• On March 27, Hedin Stockholm Bil AB expands the transport vehicle operations by re-locating from Kista to both Spånga and Akalla.

• Hedin Auction is introduced on April 10, and targets car retailers. This is a Swedish online auctions site for the used Hedin vehicles that are not offered to end customers. This solution gives transparency and market prices for all parties involved.

• On June 7, Bavaria Norway AS acquires three BMW-facilities in Ålesund, Molde and Kristiansund from Brages Bil AS. The acquisition is finalized on August 14.

• On September 1, Hedin Belgien Bil AB acquires two full-service dealerships for Mercedes-Benz in Sint-Niklaas and Lokeren in Belgium. 

• September 17 marks the grand opening of Porsche Center Kristiansand in Norway.

• On October 10, Hedin Belgien Bil acquires one Mercedes-Benz dealership in Bortmeerbeek in Belgium. 

• October 10 marks the grand opening of a new Porsche Center in Jönköping.

• October 14 marks the grand opening of e new KIA-dealership in Tagene outside of Göteborg.

• On October 17, an MoU is signed by Hedin Automotive with the Chinese electric car brand BYTON regarding the retail rights on the Norwegian market.

• On November 13, the dealership of Hedin Örebro Bil AB in Norrköping is liquidated.

• As of December 1, the assets and liabilities of a Ford-Store facility in Västerås is acquired by Hedin Mölndal Bil AB from Hermibil i Mälardalen AB after their liquidation.

• Interwheel Sweden AB is acquired on December 2 by Klintberg & Way Group through their subsidiary Klintberg & Way Parts AB from Däckia AB. Interwheel Sweden AB is a tire, rim and complete wheel-set wholesaler focusing on customers within the car industry in the Nordic region.

• On December 3, The Klintberg & Way Automotive SA operation/HQ in Lugano, Switzerland is re-located to Bremerhaven, Germany.



• Aktiv Bil AB in Hisings Backa, a Nissan retailer at the time, is acquired.

• The Mercedes-Benz-site in Alingsås is re-opened during the autumn of 2001.

• A retail contract for the new two seated city car Smart in the west of Sweden is signed.

• Daimler-Chrysler’s retail operations, consisting of Mercedes-Benz retailing and workshop in Hisings Kärra are acquired.

• In Åbro/Mölndal Chrysler and Jeeps dealerships and workshops is acquired.


•Takes over the retail of Chevrolet in Göteborg from Bilstudion Göteborg AB.

•A retail contract with Cadillac Sverige AB for the right to sell the brand Cadillac, Chevrolet and Corvette is signed.

• Stjärnhuset Bil AB in Kristianstad is acquired. Through this acquisition the brand Mitsubishi is welcomed into Hedin Bil.


• Göteborgs Begagnat Center in Åbro/Mölndal opens.

• Bilforum Uddevalla AB:s operations is acquired. By doing so Hedin Bil expands with four additional facilities in Uddevalla, Trollhättan, Strömstad and Vara.

• I.A Hedin Fastighet AB sells all shares of the construction company KIA Fastighet AB.

• Klintberg & Way Group AB:s operations in Åbro/Mölndal is acquired.


• Bilexa i Göteborg AB is acquired. They are the local retailers of Mitsubishi and Citroën.

• On July 1, Philipson Uppsala Bil AB in Uppsala and Enköping is acquired.


• A retailer contract is signed with KIA Motors Sweden AB.

• Acquires the operations of Thituson Bil AB in Linköping, Jönköping, Anderstorp, Ljungby and Värnamo. With this acquisition we welcome the brand Land Rover.

• The assets and liabilities of the liquidated company Uno Asplunds Bil AB in Borås is acquired.

• A retail contract is signed with Renault

• Hedin Bil’s new commercial vehicle center is opened on Mölndalsvägen in Göteborg.


• On November 11, the new dealership in Halmstad is inaugurated, retailing Nissan and Mercedes-Benz. 
• On September 7, Philipson Bil in Halmstad is acquired.
• On October 10, Philipson Bil in Helsingborg and Ängelholm is acquired, as well as Philipson Trucks in Halmstad.
• The construction and real estate company K. I. Andersson Bygg AB in Borås is acquired. 

• Philipson Bil in Göteborg, Alingsås and Kungsbacka is acquired.

• A large and important reconstruction of the head quarter on Mölndalsvägen commences. 


• On May 2, Ingemar and Anders Hedin acquires the first Hedin-Bil facility in Borås. The car brands sold was Mercedes-Benz and Nissan.