Father and son, Ingemar and Anders Hedin acquires Philipsons Bil AB in Borås, Sweden. The car brands sold were Mercedes and Nissan. During the first year in business, Hedin Bil had a turnover of 45 MSEK, sold about 800 new and used vehicles and had 40 employees.


Acquired Philipson Bil AB in Halmstad, Sweden. Two years later, in 1992, the inaguration of the brand new dealership was held.  


Acquired Philipson Bil AB in Helsingborg and Ängelholm, Sweden and Philipson Trucks in Halmstad, Sweden.


Acquired K.I. Andersson Bygg AB in Borås in Sweden. At this time, K.I. Andersson Bygg AB was a property- and construction company.  


Acquired Philipsons Bil in Gothenburg, Alingsås and Kungsbacka, Sweden. A major and extensive rebuilding of the company headquarters in Gothenburg was begun.


  • Acquired Aktiv Bil AB, Hisings Backa, Sweden, which was then a reseller for Nissan. The new Mercedes-Benz facility was inaugurated in the autumn of 2001.
  • New car dealership for Nissan of 3100 m2 is built in Gothenburg / Mölndal


Opened the newly renovated facility in Alingsås, Sweden. Hedin Bil also became dealers in the western part of Sweden of the new “city car” Smart.  


Acquired Daimler-Chrysler’s dealership in Gothenburg, which consisted of Mercedes-Benz’s sales and garage in Hisings-Kärra, as well as Chrysler and Jeep’s sales and garage in Mölndal.  


Acquired Bilstudion Göteborg AB’s reseller business for Chevrolet in Gothenburg. Also signed a reseller agreement with Cadillac Sverige AB (Cadillac, Chevrolet, Corvette). Acquired Stjärnhuset Bil AB in Kristianstad. Through the acquisition, Hedin Bil became Mitsubishi retailers


  • In Åbro/Mölndal Göteborgs Begagnat Center opens.
  • Bilforum Uddevalla AB:s operations is acquired. By doing so Hedin Bil expands with four additional local bransches in Uddevalla, Trollhättan, Strömstad and Vara.
  • I.A Hedin Fastighet AB sells all stock shares of the construction firm KIA Fastighet AB.
  • Klintberg & Way Group AB:s operations in Åbro/Mölndal is acquired..


  • Acquired Bilexa in Göteborg AB, a local retailer of Mitsubishi and Citroën.
  • Acquired Philipson Uppsala Bil AB’s operations in Uppsala and Enköping.



  • Signed a reseller agreement with KIA Motors Sweden AB.
  • Acquired Thituson Bil AB’s operations in Linköping, Jönköping, Anderstorp, Ljungby and
    Värnamo. The acquisition added Land Rover as a brand to the company.


Acquired the belongings of Uno Asplunds Bil AB in Borås when this company declared bankruptcy.


  • Signed a reseller agreement with Renault.
  • Completely renovated the neighboring property on Mölndalsvägen. In 2010, the new transport center was opened.


  • Acquired Scanauto i Göteborg AB and Andersson Auto i Varberg AB.
  • Acquired Bra Bil AB‘s sales and garage operations regarding Renault in Tagene (Gothenburg).
  • Acquired Mercedes-Benz heavy truck operations in Hisings Kärra.
  • Bought 29% of the company Car to Go Sweden AB.


  • Inaugurated the renovated facilities in Tagene, Vara, Anderstorp and Ljungby.
  • Inaugurated the newly built facilities in Borås, Kungsbacka and Varberg.


  • Inaugurated our new facility in Uppsala.
  • Implemented an internal reorganization of the Group – and a merger of Hedin Uppsala Bil AB and Hedin Helsingborg Bil AB were made.
  • Inaugurated our the new headquarters in Mölndal.
  • Inaugurated our AMG Performance Center and Mercedes-Benz Business Center in Sisjön.


  • Introduced Abarth as a new brand in the Group, while the reseller agreement with Suzuki was terminated due to the low volume of the brand.
  • Rebuilt our Mercedes-Benz facilities in Hisings Kärra and inaugurated the venue in October.
  • Acquired I.A. Hedin Fastighet AB three properties.


  • Acquired the listed car rental company Mabi Rent AB. The company operates in Sweden and Germany.
  • Joined our operating property in northern Stockholm (Akalla). The property is owned by Hedin Akalla Fastighet AB.
  • Acquired Klintberg and Way AB (KW Parts) General Motors North American Vehicles and MOPAR’s (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge) authorized spare parts distributor and Europe’s largest spare parts wholesaler of US auto parts. The company operates in 37 countries with headquarters in Sweden.


  • The 30th anniversary of the company. The year we celebrate 30 successful years!
  • New facility in Ängelholm is opened.
  • Construction of a new full service facility in Jönköping starts.
  • Acquires a movable property in Kista to start a transport center.


  • Acquires Klasén Bil in Halmstad, Sweden. The acquisition includes the property and a neighboring property.
  • Acquires BIVA AB’s car operations in Karlskoga, Örebro, Linköping, Norrköping and Uppsala. The acquisition includes the business properties in Örebro, Karlskoga, Linköping and Kristianstad. In connection with this, Bilcity in Kristianstad was also acquired.
  • Acquires Bilia AB’s Ford operations in Gothenburg (Eklanda), Stockholm, Nacka and Kungsbacka. With this acquisition, another brand was added to the Hedin Bil Group.


  • The transfer of Bilia Ford in Stockholm is carried out in January.
  • Acquires ANA Motor Center’s facilities in Trollhättan and Lysekil in May.
  • Acquires PCB Västsverige AB, resellers of Porsche in Borås, Gothenburg and Linköping. Porsche is welcomed as a new brand in the Group.
  • Acquires in June 51% of the shares in Tuve Bygg Holding AB.
  • Acquires in September Miklagruppen (formerly Bavaria Nordic AS) with its subsidiaries Bavaria Norge AS, Bavaria Bil AB, Swabia AS, KC Motors AB, and GS Bildeler AS. The group is BMW, MINI and Porsche dealerships in Sweden and Norway.


  • In March of 2018 I.A. Hedin Bil continued its expansion in Belgium by further acquiring 5 Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Antwerpen. With this latest acquisition I.A. Hedin Bil will be present at 12 locations in Belgium.
  • Motorcentralen in Eskilstuna was acquired by I.A. Hedin Bil through its subsidiary Hedin Mölndal Bil AB. By adding Motorcentralen to the group Hedin Bil expands its offerings on Ford passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
  • On April 19th, FordStore Hedin Bil in Segeltorp/Stockholm was inaugurated.
  • On April 23rd Bavaria Sverige Bil AB acquires Englunds Bil in Luleå.