Hedin Mobility Group is one of Europe’s largest companies in automotive distribution, retail and mobility. Our vision is to be a transforming force in the European automotive industry. By importing and distributing high-quality vehicles and spare parts, providing market-leading retail and workshop services as well as delivering innovative mobility solutions, we create value for our customers, employees and other stakeholders.




Vehicles sold 2023




We act as an importer and/or distributor for ten vehicle manufacturers in markets all around Europe, where we distribute vehicles both to our own as well as external retailers. Our distribution activities also include wholesale and distribution of spare parts, accessories and tyres and rims, as well as logistics solutions.


With more than 330 own dealerships in twelve countries, which offer customers end-to-end solutions for new and used passenger cars, commercial vehicles and trucks from more than 40 brands, we are one of Europe’s largest automotive retailers.

Mobility solutions

Within Mobility solutions we address new user needs and sales models in the automotive industry by providing and developing innovative services.

More about Hedin Mobility Group

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