Hedin IT

CEO: Anders Hedin | CIO: Patrick Olsson | CDO: Gabriel Holmelid | www.hedinit.se

Hedin IT AB was founded in 2014 and is wholly owned by Anders Hedin Invest AB. The business purpose is to act as an IT partner to the core business and to create good conditions for digitalization throughout the Group.

The digital transformation continues to develop and change both society, our business and our industry. As technology progresses, customers’ purchasing behavior changes, meaning sales processes are increasingly digitalized.

Hedin IT focuses on centralizing, consolidating and harmonizing the IT environment to meet business requirements for support and integration, and to create a robust and reliable platform.

Hedin IT conducts both traditional development of business support systems, as well as digital business development, serving as an incubator for new business models that can be applied either in existing or in new business. New concepts are developed where the physical experience meets new technology and innovation.