I.A. Hedin Bil AB

A. Hedin Bil was founded in 1985 when father and son, Ingemar and Anders Hedin acquired Philipsons Bil in Borås, representing theMercedes-Benz and Nissan brands from the start. First-year turnover reached 45 MSEK, and together with 40 employees the company retailed 800 vehicles. In the early 1990s, the company grew through acquisitions, mainly in Halmstad, Ängelholm, Helsingborg and Gothenburg. Expansion continued through acquisitions in the new century, placing Hedin Bil on the map as one of Sweden’s largest automotive retailers. In 2017, Miklagruppen, with car retailing business in Norway and Sweden, was acquired and later changed name to Hedin Automotive. Through the acquisition, another two trademarks were added; Bavaria, KC Motors and we also expanded Porsche Center into Norway. In 2018 Hedin Bil expanded into Belgium through the acquisition of twelve Mercedes-Benz dealerships under the umbrella of Hedin Automotive.

I.A. Hedin Bil currently has nine subsidiaries:

Hedin Göteborg Bil AB, Hedin Helsingborg Bil AB, Hedin Stockholm Bil AB and Hedin Örebro Bil AB under the Hedin Bil trademark.
KC Motors AB under the KC Motors trademark.
Hedin Mölndal Bil AB under the Ford Hedin Bil trademark.
Hedin Belgien Bil AB under the Hedin Automotive trademark.
Hedin Automotive Norge AS under the trademarks Bavaria Sverige and Bavaria Norge.
Hedin Performance Cars AB under the trademarks Porsche Center and Hedin Performance Cars.

The company has more than 30 car brands in the portfolio and the headquarters is located in Mölndal.

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