In the Mobility business area, Car To Go Sweden AB offers brokerage of passenger cars via its own digital sales channels and Under the Carplus Store brand, the company also conducts a store concept where the company's online store is combined with physical stores.

Unifleet AB offers operational and financial leasing as well as vehicle administration services to the Swedish corporate market.

The company is a driving force in the digital transformation of the vehicle business and the products are developed and operated under four brands:


Packaging and mediation of financial and operational leasing to companies via own sales, vehicle dealers or via the web portal Fleet management services for companies that streamline both in terms of time and money by Unifleet managing vehicle costs, taxes, benefit values, insurance- and service matters as well as driving logs via the app.


Carbuy is a web portal where private individuals can easily make their car purchase online. The Carbuy offer includes financing, service agreements, insurance, roadside assistance, winter tires and parcels. The customer chooses the car brand, model, color and extra options. The customer pays 20% of the car's price in cash and then the remaining amount monthly for three years. It provides a smart, comfortable and safe car ownership.


Carplus a web portal where the customer can order a new or almost new private leasing car. The customer leases the car without a cash deposit, set-up fee or deposit fee. In addition to leasing costs, the customer's monthly fee always includes insurance, assistance and service. Carplus currently offers private leasing of new cars from 22 different car brands.

Carplus store

Our Carplus Store are physical stores where customers receive advice and the opportunity to experience the products in innovative ways. In the Carplus Store, it is possible for customers to experience products and receive information about all services sold by Car to Go. Among other things, the interior of all car models has been photographed with 360 ° technology, which means that customers will be able to experience over 100 car models, in store and on the website. When the opportunity arises, the Carplus Store also works with pop-up stores.