The Mabi Mobility AB (Mabi) Group includes the companies Mabi Sverige AB and Flexilease AB. Mabi is one of Sweden's largest individual car rental companies. Since the start in Stockholm in 1989, the company has grown constantly and the business is conducted mainly through franchises and today has car rental at 160 stations at, among other places, workshops, city offices and airports. The goal is to offer rental cars at competitive prices without compromising on quality, safety, service or availability.

Rental cars

Mabi, through Mabi Sverige AB, offers short-term rentals through a complete range of cars, light trucks, minibuses and a number of special cars for branding the brand. Sometimes you need a car for a very limited period of time, for example to shop, visit friends / family, go to the tip, go swimming and whatever you want. The solution for this is Mabi Mobility, a car pool where you rent the car per hour. As a member of the car pool, you pay a fee / hour and a kilometer cost when you use the car.


Mabi offers operational car leasing with short commitment periods that are completely brand independent through its Flexilease brand. Operational leasing means that we handle everything from car purchases and ongoing vehicle administration to the sale of the vehicle. Furthermore, we stand for a guaranteed residual value, which gives the advantage that our customers only pay a fixed monthly fee that enables easy and correct budgeting and does not have to worry about residual values or increased fees. Flexilease simply offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional car leasing for companies.