Car Store

Car Store is a new company and concept within the Hedin Bil Group, which during the year had time to open three facilities in Malmö, Stockholm Kungens Kurva and Stockholm Täby. The business sells pre-owned cars and has no spare parts department or workshop.

Car Store differs from the usual used sales within Hedin Bil (Hedin Certified), where a Hedin Certified car is packaged to a customer where warranty, insurance, transport, etc. is included in the deal. At the Car Store, the customer can choose which additional products they want to add. However, Car Store works closely with the Hedin Certified team for valuations of vehicles, purchases of cars, etc.

In 2020, work began on a separate website with the goal of being fast and having a simple and good design, this was launched in October. The website is based on an e-commerce platform where we aim to be able to sell the cars online as soon as 2021. Hedin IT within Hedin Group has developed this new platform and the website will continuously undergo new updates and further development.

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